[Photo by Lizeth Montoya.]

Daniel Clarkson Fisher is a Toronto-based oral historian whose most recent work is the Chinese Jamaican Oral History Project (CJOHP.org), a digital storytelling initiative inspired by his partner Stephanie Lyn and her family. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media from Ryerson University, and is currently a contract lecturer in that program.

Danny’s work has appeared in the Oral History Review Blog, H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, PopMatters, New Politics, Alternet, Bright Lights Film Journal, Nonfics, the Journal of Religion and Film, and many other publications. In addition, he has presented at conferences including the Society for Cinema and Media Studies; the American Academy of Religion; and the Emerging Scholars Symposium on Oral History, Digital Storytelling, and Creative Practice. He has also co-edited one book and contributed chapters to several others.

Before changing fields, Danny worked for several years as a scholar of Buddhist practical theology: he was an associate professor and department chair at University of the West in Los Angeles, CA; adjunct chaplaincy faculty at Hartford Seminary; and a teaching assistant and dorm advisor for Antioch Education Abroad’s Buddhist Studies in India program. In this capacity, he also interviewed Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges and Greyston founder Bernie Glassman about their book The Dude and the Zen Master for the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’s ALOUD series in 2013.

A proud member of the Oral History Association, Danny is currently at work on his first book of literary oral history.