VIDEO ESSAY: “We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE”

[UPDATE, 4/24/2017: So, wow: this video essay has gone supernova, thanks to Vimeo “Staff Pick”-ing it. As of today, The AV Club, Gizmodoio9Boing Boing, Films for Action, and Konbini have all done write-ups about it. Thanks to all!]

[UPDATE, 4/17/2017: I’m flabbergasted and humbled to report that Vimeo has named this video essay as one of their coveted “Staff Picks.” I really wanted more people to watch this one in particular — it’s as though they read my mind! But, in fact, they have honored this work in a way that far exceeds the wildest hopes I had for it. Thank you so much to Meghan Oretsky, the whole curation team at Vimeo, and the kind soul (or souls) who nominated the video essay!]

[UPDATE, 4/16/2017: I’m both very happy and grateful that Filmscalpel, which also offered a generous reflection about my “Spielberg and Surveillance” video essay, has written a lovely piece about this video essay. You can read it here. Thank you so much, Filmscalpel!]

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Remembering Jonathan Demme (1944-2017)

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How to Make a Video Essay

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Three Video Essays for #TheResistance

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VIDEO ESSAY: “The Dark Knight Resists”

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“A People’s Buddhism?”

A new article of mine, my first for Political Animal Magazine, is now live on their website. It’s entitled “A People’s Buddhism?”, and in it I argue that it is high time Buddhist Americans took a second look at the dharma of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

You can read the whole thing here.

As I mentioned in my first vlog, I’m currently transitioning out of the world of Buddhist Studies (in which I used to work) and into the world of nonfiction cinema (as a new student in Ryerson University’s Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media program). That being the case, this will probably be the last major piece of written work I’ll do on Buddhism — maybe ever. It’s possible I’ll touch on the subject in a future film, but this article represents the last holdover from my “past life” in the Dharma. I hope readers get something out of it.

[UPDATE, 4/7/2017: I was honored that my old pal Justin Whitaker shared and commented on this piece at his wonderful Patheos blog American Buddhist Perspectives. Thank you so much, my friend.]

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Aspiring Documentary Filmmakers Could Probably Use More Books Like This…

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Welcome to the Vlog!

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A Response to the Responses to My Article “The Teacher Racket”

As I mentioned a while back, I wrote an article entitled “The Teacher Racket” for the Winter 2016 issue of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. The piece generated quite a few responses, some of which appear in the brand new Spring 2017 issue of the magazine.

Tricycle invited me to respond to the responses as well, which I did. If you’re a subscriber, you can read what I wrote online here. If not, a snapshot is below:


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VIDEO ESSAY: “Spielberg and Surveillance”

[UPDATE, 3/16/2017: My cup runneth over! “Spielberg and Surveillance” just got another considerate write-up, this time from H. Perry Horton of Film School Rejects. Horton is video content editor for FSR and its very popular Twitter feed @OnePerfectShot, where he also shared the video essay. Thank you so much, sir!

[UPDATE, 3/13/2017: I’ve just now noticed that Christopher Campbell shared this video essay in his daily “Today in Movie Culture” post at on February 21st. Check it out here. Thanks, Christopher!]

[UPDATE, 3/5/2017: Wow — now Filmscalpel has given this essay a lovely, substantial write-up of their own. You can read the post right here. Thanks, Filmscalpel!]

[UPDATE, 3/1/2017: I’m both delighted and grateful that No Film School has given my video essay an exceedingly thoughtful, incredibly generous write-up. Read author Max Winter’s post here. Much obliged, Max.]

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