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Daniel Clarkson Fisher is an essay filmmaker whose work has been featured by The AV Club, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, No Film School, io9, One Perfect Shot, Films for Action, Film School Rejects,, Filmscalpel, and Vimeo Staff Picks. His writing has appeared in outlets that include AlterNet, Bright Lights Film Journal, Nonfics, and Political Animal Magazine. He has also commented on news stories and other topics for CNN, E! Entertainment Television, and Fandor Keyframe.

VIDEO ESSAY: “Towards an Anti-War Film Canon: Ten American Essentials”

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VIDEO ESSAY: “The Dark Knight Resists”

— [UPDATE, 5/16/2017: I’m humbled by the rhapsodic write-up that this video essay just received from H. Perry Horton of Film School Rejects. He writes that “The Dark Knight Resists” is “the best, most poignant, most salient video essay I … Continue reading

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“A People’s Buddhism?”

A new article of mine, my first for Political Animal Magazine, is now live on their website. It’s entitled “A People’s Buddhism?”, and in it I argue that it is high time Buddhist Americans took a second look at the … Continue reading

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VIDEO ESSAY: “We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE”

— [UPDATE, 4/24/2017: So, wow: this video essay has gone supernova, thanks to Vimeo “Staff Pick”-ing it. As of today, The AV Club, Gizmodo, io9, Boing Boing, Films for Action, and Konbini have all done write-ups about it. Thanks to all!] [UPDATE, 4/17/2017: … Continue reading

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A Response to the Responses to My Article “The Teacher Racket”

As I mentioned a while back, I wrote an article entitled “The Teacher Racket” for the Winter 2016 issue of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. The piece generated quite a few responses, some of which appear in the brand new Spring 2017 issue of the magazine. Tricycle … Continue reading

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VIDEO ESSAY: “Spielberg and Surveillance”

— [UPDATE, 3/16/2017: My cup runneth over! “Spielberg and Surveillance” just got another considerate write-up, this time from H. Perry Horton of Film School Rejects. Horton is video content editor for FSR and its very popular Twitter feed @OnePerfectShot, where he … Continue reading

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“The Problem of Access: Weiner (2016) and the Limitations of the Fly-on-the-Wall Documentary”

I’ve got a new article, my first for Bright Lights Film Journal, at their website. It is entitled “The Problem of Access: Weiner (2016) and the Limitations of the Fly-on-the-Wall Documentary”. In it, I observe that “the response to Weiner shows … Continue reading

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“Interview: Festival Programmer and Pure Nonfiction Host Thom Powers”

I’ve got an interview with Thom Powers over at Nonfics. Thom, who has been called a “kingmaker for documentaries” by the New York Times, is host of the podcast Pure Nonfiction, documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Artistic Director … Continue reading

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VIDEO ESSAY: “My Ten Favorite Documentaries of 2016”

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Interview on the Secular Buddhist Podcast

My co-editor Nathan Jishin Michon and I did a podcast interview about our new book A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for Your Buddhist Community with the delightful Ted Meissner for the Secular Buddhist Podcast. We talk about the … Continue reading

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