The Chinese Jamaican Oral History Project is Live at homepage.

The Chinese Jamaican Oral History Project, my M.F.A. thesis project, is officially live online at! Please have a look and give a listen.

The project will be ongoing, but debuts with an initial group of narrators that includes:

You can see each narrator’s portrait and listen to their interview by clicking on their name.

In addition, please do take a look at the interactive timeline (which I spent a lot of time on) and additional resources page, and follow the project on social media.

About Daniel Clarkson Fisher

Daniel Clarkson Fisher is a Toronto-based oral historian whose most recent work is the Chinese Jamaican Oral History Project (, a digital storytelling initiative inspired by his partner Stephanie Lyn and her family. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media from Ryerson University, and is currently a contract lecturer in that program.
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