“Doc This!”: Episode One

Two of my wonderful classmates, John Verhaeven and Kenny McDonald, are producing a new podcast called “Doc This!” Its goal is to “get behind the minds and processes of Ryerson University’s MFA Documentary Media students.” I co-host with another wonderful classmate, Sara Wylie.

In the first episode, Sara and I speak to yet another wonderful classmate, Daniel Schrempf — I hope you’ll give it a listen!

(Bonus: A fifth wonderful classmate, Pearson Ripley, offers a terrific, sixty-second review of Errol Morris’s astonishing Netflix documentary series Wormwood at the end of the episode.)

About Daniel Clarkson Fisher

Daniel Clarkson Fisher is an activist documentarian whose work has been featured by Vimeo Staff Picks, The AV Club, No Film School, io9, Film School Rejects, Boing Boing, Films for Action, Movies.com, and Filmscalpel. In addition, his writing has appeared in outlets that include AlterNet, Bright Lights Film Journal, Nonfics, Diabolique, and Culture Matters.
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