“A People’s Buddhism?”

A new article of mine, my first for Political Animal Magazine, is now live on their website. It’s entitled “A People’s Buddhism?”, and in it I argue that it is high time Buddhist Americans took a second look at the dharma of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

You can read the whole thing here.

As you can tell from my “About” page and the content I’ve been producing, I’m currently transitioning out of the world of Buddhist Studies (in which I used to work) and into the world of nonfiction cinema (as a new student in Ryerson University’s Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media program). That being the case, this will probably be the last major piece of written work I’ll do on Buddhism — maybe ever. It’s possible I’ll touch on the subject in a future film, but this article represents the last holdover from my “past life” in the Dharma. I hope readers get something out of it.

[UPDATE, 4/7/2017: I was honored that my old pal Justin Whitaker shared and commented on this piece at his wonderful Patheos blog American Buddhist Perspectives. Thank you so much, my friend.]

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